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Emily Tomas Brodheadsville, Blairstown, New York

NEWS, 14.07.2017: Yesterday an old school friend of Emely came in contact with me. First she thought i am Emely she wanted to see/meet, but then I involved her in the story. She told last time she had a talk with Emely in the year 2015/2016. Emely told her she is living with her boyfriend in New York and that he provides her everything, even she does not work!
I never have been in New York. So it is proofed that Emely played at least to three men at the same time a relationship to leech money. Thats is the reason why she only could write "love"- emails from USA and why she always wanted to see me in Phils, but not in USA. #multigamer #leecher

The internet is full of cheater, leecher, gamer & romance scammer - especially from Third World Countries like Philippines. Normally it should be easy to detect them, but some are smarter and hide their real intention (money) until they think you are "hooked".

I also have been a victim of a perfidious female romance scammer & marriage cheater (Emely Tomas) i would like introduce here; i have not lost so much money (round about 15K $) like other victims of her, but i lost life time (5 years) and without a women of honor (a close relative from her) who opened my eyes I maybe still would stuck in that romance scam of the family Tomas.

I am not doing this project out of hate or as a kind of revenge. It is my obligation as a humanist to protect other potential victims. They deserve the truth from beginning like i did - to make their own decision without any manipulation and misleading.

If I infringe the personal rights of any person in word or picture he or she should not hesitate to contact me and i will make it indecipherable. Therefore use the contact formular or the registration database for .com-domains; I have made the registration public, cause i hide nothing... :)

Ps: For the people who got doubt in truth content of my story: the stringency actually should convince, but in additional i will deliever a second layer with unfalsifiable evidences (email-header, meta-infos of pictures, records, handwriting...). But first i got to bring a structure in this "mess". So she got time to mislead her "social" environment with lies about me and later to explain these lies with other lies and more and more and more... ;)


The chronicle of a multigamer, liar & scammer
(2012 - 2017)

20.07.2012: Emely Tomas introduced herself on different dating sites as a Single, living in New York, without any children or former marriages, heterosexual and searching for a husband.

I worked for one of theses dating sites and had a dummy account there and so we came in contact. A "romance" started. When she was in USA with sporadic short emails, when she was in Philippines with longer emails, calls and passionate video calls.

video scam

24. 10. 2012 - 28.02.2013: video scam

28.02.2013: Then suddenly she disappeared (to USA) for months - without a reason or saying a word as normal people with respect would do it. She seemed to be very busy.

Today i know the reason why she cutted temporarily any communication. Cause she had at least three partnerships at the same time and wanted to avoid that all men know about each other. "Perhaps" they would not agree with a multiplayer.

11. 07. 2013: video scam

01. 08. 2013: After i have not heard from her for so many months i mentioned my doubt about her seriousness via email- again just email, cause she made it impossible to go in personal contact. She answered with a very short love-mail and stopped again any communication.

video scam

11. 08. 2013:
Today i know why she answered so short. She was together with one of her other partner. Maybe he was still sleeping (7:00 am) and she just had a short time window "to keep me warm" via email behind his back.

video scam

21. 08. 2013:
After i have not heard from her for 3 weeks i thought perhaps she has forgotten the email-address so I wrote her a letter to Philippines.

31. 08. 2013:
I became an answer with sweet words, but no word about the abstinence like serious people would do.

video scam

20. 09. 2013: love -email from Philippines The original follows

25. 09. 2013: Then suddenly the communication totally broke up. Again without a word or reason. The last email from her:

video scam

26.9.2013 - 14. 01. 2014: Today i know the reason: She was again in USA and was very busy with playing a relationship to that guy as well. She wanted to avoid that he knows about her unhonest game. Otherwise maybe he would stop to support her with money if he would know the truth.

video scam

14. 02. 2014: She restarted mailing cause she was again alone. Lot of nice emails & communication followed. Always with the same pattern: In Philippines with video, call & email and when she was in USA only Email. I knew already that there is something wrong, but wanted to give her a chance to clear it in personal. So we made a fix date for 15.12.2014 in Philippines. I booked my offdays, flight, hotels & trips.

In this time she also introduced online her alleged "nieces".
Two cute ladies you never would expect something bad:

video scam

15. 12. 2014: Day of departure: I already have been on the way to the airport i became an email: "I will be there in phils on the 29 of December". That was all. Wow! Really less information, but actually enough to know with which kind of person i am dealing. A person without decency and manners: A serious person would 1. tell this sooner, 2. by god not via email! Of course an emergency can happen, but then i offer the reason. I had to reorganize (other offdays, other flights) in a fast way. She wasted with this action 3000$ of my holiday budget, just cause she was not able to act like a social human being. And she even did not care about it.

I asked for the reason and became a lie : "There was no flight."
I could proof it: There have been lot of flights and again: nobody would book at the last day!

24. 12. 2014: I arrived in Manila and waited for her...

01. 01. 2015: Emely picked me up there and dropped me somewhere between Manila and Binan - without any civilization.

03. 01. 2015: Stalking my mobile..more comes later

08. 01. 2015: There (San Pedro) she introduced me her "niece" Demie Ann. When i saw a tattoo from Emely on Demie Ann's back i knew i am dealing with two cheater. I swallowed to ask Demie Ann why she got a tattoo of her "aunt" on her body.

video scam

10. 01. 2015: I asked for a talk/workout for honesty. She told it should be with flowers & formal clothes: she expeted a proposal. I booked a restaurant just for her and me at the top of a "big" house. Actually a good atmosphere for a honest talk, the base for something serious, but she prefered to continue playing her game.
Keep smiling!

video scam

15. 01. 2015: Departure to Germany: At this day she promised to make a normal communication from USA.
When i wanted to check out of the hotel i suddenly got a problem with my holiday credit card, cause of suspicious transactions that were not made by me. I do not trust just a plastic card and for this case i had sewn money in my luggage, but it was already packed so I borrowed 200$ from her.

16. 01. 2015: I arrived in Germany and we changed sweet words via Viber & Skype for the next days... video record comes later

24. 01. 2015: Just before she had to go back to USA she asked me: "What would you say if i can not move so soon to Germany?" My answer: "I would ask for the background." She exploded and called me "Son of a bitch, i am not going to tell you my private things!"
Wow, what a contradiction: Stalking a mobile, talking about moving or marriage and hiding just general informations. She prepared her way to continue her double life in USA. Nothing changed.
Btw: So her private "thing" starts in USA and ends when she is back in Phils? It does not make any sense - totally absurd.

01. 02. 2015: She arrived in USA

03. 02. 2015: I got further suspicious moments when i wanted to pay back the 200$. I offered to do it via banc or post to USA, but she categorically rejected it - again with an aggressive basic attitude.

15. 02. 2015: I paid it back via Western Union to her brother Rolly. Transfer protocol later...

01. 03. 2015: Her movement to Pennsylvania..later more

05. 04. 2015: I still became only e-mails from her, cause she was in USA. Often with the hint "make it happen", "make the step", "turn the key" or more direct "file a fiancee visa".

My answer was the same like before: "Start to be honest.". She always reacted in the same way: with ignoring my request or insulting me. Typical signs of an unserious person, a "heavy" liar.
Btw: A real loving person would try to go into your mind, try to understand or talk about it in personal (video or phone) and not start an "argue" or fight. So she was not interested in improving the relationship or more concrete: not interested in me or more concrete: only interested in a marriage, the paper. No matter with whom. Red Flag!

video scam

10. 10. 2015: She wrote that she wants to see me, but not in USA, in Phils. So i booked again my offdays, flights: Bangkok-Manila, hotels, etc. for Christmas.

16. 12. 2015: Unbelievable but true: And again she wrote me just one or two days before my departure an email(!) that she can not come and again she wasted with non-communication some thousand dollars from my holiday budget.

But this time she offered a reason directly: She got a money problem and can not pay the flight. Just before departure? Not really credible.

I guess she wanted to take advantage of my uncomfortable situation to leech money from me. In additional i remembered her quote from the past: "Do not care about my private things." So finally i decided not to be anymore a puppet of her game and flew alone, but only to Bangkok.

08. 01. 2016: I was back in Germany she was upset and wrote she dislike it when her "boyfriend" makes holiday in Bangkok and she even had the dare to accuse me i would be a sextourist. The same women who sent me to Manila just for fun, who did not want to meet me in USA, who obviously hides one or more relationships, who made her USA-life to a "private" thing would like to tell me where I can make vacation and where not. Unreflected & ridiculous.

PS: Not all men go on holiday to have sex, and not all men pay for sex and not all women expect money for love. To which category "Mrs" Tomas belongs we will see later.

07. 02. 2016 - 12. 02. 2016: The hospital-bill-scam (part 1): She wrote that her "mum" is in hospital and the can not pay the bill. I helped her out with 1200$ and mentioned explicit that i am doing this just as a friend (not boyfriend) - to highlight the "private-thing"- mess of the last months & years.
She promised she will pay it back.

At the day of the transfer i wanted to send the mother flowers to the hospital, but "suddenly" she left it already. Strange but perhaps true.

Anyway, i decided by the next request or hint for money to pay the creditor directly. So if there is really a need she would accept it, otherwise it is just a scam and i won't hear about it anymore.

video scam

14. 02. 2016: The school-fee-scam: I had not to wait so long and i became the next money hints. One time a strange story that she had to pay a lawyer (6000 $) and one with the following quote: "It breaks my heart that my nieces (Demie Ann & Demie Rose) can not go to school cause of a lack of money. The last hint got my attention and i offered her that i could pay the school fee (privat school). She did not reject it! She has not told that it is actually not necessary! I asked for details: When they left the school? When they can restart (turnus)? I have not got any answer. If something goes to my heart i would know such informations. It was obviously a very perfidious scam!

Today i know i was right with my scam-assumption: The two nieces did not exist(!) AND the need for school-fee was a lie(!) as well.
Her niece aka daughter Demie Ann also proofed the scam later in an indirect way (Quote: "Money is not the only reason."). The one and only logical conclusion based on this statement in this context: 100% ugly scam! Misleading!

07. 03. 2016 - 12. 04. 2016: The hospital-bill-scam (part 2): I asked her few times for the repayment modalities and she ignored it again and again. Finally she suddenly came up that i would owe her money cause she had costs when i have been in Phils (2014). She paid petrol for her car, she made one time the laundry & she made a chicken soup for me. Absurd, unreflected & outrageous. To break down her reaction: She did not want to know anything about her only a few weeks old promise (Verbal contract). Or with other words: she was going to steal money. I am dealing with a thief. A cynical thief, cause finally she told if i want my lawful money back i should file a case. Not possible without her USA-address, she knew that...
So finally i wrote she can see it as a "birthday present".

Maybe this is another reason why she & family hide the USA-address. To make it impossible for the victims to file a case?

Note: A thief is a thief, it does not mattter if she/he steals a small or big amount.

01.07.2016 - 18. 07. 2016: At this day i saw a 6 month old message "Hi" in my FB-account i have overlooked before, it was from her, so she searched (or should i use the word "stalked", Demie Ann?) for my profile. I followed the link and landed on her facebook-profile. I still had birthday presents i never could send her cause of the USA-"promblematic". I knew she will fly back to Phils so i wanted to surprise her with it with a help of a close relative of her. So i made a contact and became an answer, an answer of a very smart, educated, sincerely & trustful Filippina - a women of honor. A friendship started...

Few days later I was again on the fb-profile from Emely Tomas and saw the following pic in her profile. I suppose she deleted it in her chronicle, but forgot to delete it in her public picture folder. The comments of her relatives got my attention cause they pointed out that she had a relationhip to that man while she was playing the same to me.

I sent her the pic and asked if this perhaps the reason why she disappeared in the past for weeks and why the communication was sometimes reduced just to emails.

video scam

Emely's reaction was again not moderate for a honest person: 1. she was aggressive & 2. she did not answer in a direct way that simple question. She did what pathological liar are doing in such a situation: keep the lie by any price and mislead the other:

1. She told a "hacker" captured her fb-account, made also fake-accounts of her relatives - so far so good - and made these "fake"- comments. Come on, Demie Ann, find the logical mistakes, the contradictions in this misleading statement...little hint: it is the date (2014) ;)

2. In additional she sent me other pics with her and other male persons to connote (let me believe) that i am seeing ghosts that she never had any special contact to the "mustache" - man.

video scam

06. 08. 2016: Emely made a request for a video chat (Skype), but she wanted to wait until she was in the Philippines, cause of the "better" connection. Sure. 1. We never tried from USA 2. The internet infrastructure in the Phils' mountains should be better than in USA?

12.8 - 25.08.2016: Hardly arrived in Phils she started the messenger and gave her best to play her routinised "love theatre".

25. 08. 2016: Sometimes we already "know" something, but we put it to the side, we are "blind" for it, cause we want to believe in the good of a human, but nevertheless we are shocked when we can not avoid anymore the truth.

Such a moment i had at this day: I was talking with my Filippina of trust about everything (god and the world) and in any context i told that Emely introduced me even her nieces Demie Ann & Demie Rose. She was shocked and had to involve me that it "seems" that i am a victim of a game, cause both are not her nieces - they are her daughters. Step by step it came out that also her two nephew are actually her sons and that she already have been married two times she never told me about. But the heaviest stuff: She had concealed me a fith child for years - a baby!

Just for the protocol: All the years and just two days(!) before she made love confessions and talked about how much she would miss me and always these hints ("Be man enough to turn the key.") or even clear promts ("I was disappointed cause i have expected a proposal in Phils") that i should marry her.

I confronted her with the "news", that actually prove that she is a marriage swindler (fraudster who proposes marriage under false pretenses). I did it without any accusations or insults, I have only expressed my disappointment. I expected an apology, an explanation or something like understanding?

Her reaction: "Stop talking shit.", "You are a fucking gay, you are nothing to me since you had the problem with the credit card in Phils.", "Call me if you got the balls." "Why you care how many children i got?"

I had to go to work and was not in the mood to talk with her on such a low level. The next day she already has blocked me in her messenger.

I would like answer the question although i know Emely & a part of her familiy - who cover her leeching in order to participate financially- do not understand. But I will give my best and explain it as i would do for a young child.

"Why you care how many children i got?"

Answer: I did not care about all your failed marriages or how many children you got. I cared why you have hide them while you even tried to force me to marry you. Emely - Quote: "If you want to continue the relationship make the move." Because just the question already shows that you neither got the mental maturity to be a wife nor that you are a responsible mother.

You claimed that i should treat you with respect, so i do not have to explain the word respect. It is all about respect.

Respect for a partner: You never checked up if i would have any problem with all you failed marriages or your children. Perhaps i would be such a person with my own "ideal" and wishes for a partnership? These people also deserve respect for their individual view, dreams & wishes. It is an obligation to clear such setting from beginng, before i start a relationship, otherwise you may risk that you waste the life time of an human. This is a pure egoistical and sneaky behavior. I also had a wish to have a child - i have never hidden - based on a serious partnership, on real love, with a honest partner who can deal with the word integrity and therfore i had a time schedule. Now it is not anymore possible cause you just played such a honest person. With other words: You killed a child with your egoism...

Respect for your young child: You do not have respect for your own young son (Mico), you wanted to put him in a hidden way into a marriage based on lies. This is just disgusting!

In the same way it is disgusting that you force your children (Demie Ann,..) to lie, that you teach them "play love for money".

23. 11. 2016: So she has admitted with her words that she is a gamer & marriage fraudster, a marriage is for her just a scam to jump the immigration line and got the associated financial benefits.

But is the whole family Tomas involved in the scam? Do they know what is wrong or right?

The brother (Rolly Tomas): I've talked a little with him before and i asked him just a simple question - although i knew the answer already: "How comes that Emy's nieces got the "Leong" in their name?" Suddenly he told nothing and stopped talking to me. There was no: "Hey my friend, maybe you understood something wrong, Demie Ann is Emy's daughter, not her niece..." Just silence....

25. 08. 2016: video scam

29. 12. 2016: ! her daughter proofed her school-fee-scam in a indirect way.....comes later

12. 02. 2016: Was the whole family involved in that game? (Rolly?, Demie Ann? Demie Rose?) ..comes later (What says their silence about them?)

12. 02. 2016: My "faked" fb-account, intention, result ..comes later

07. 01. 2017: .... video scam

27. 01. 2017: .... video scam

14. 02. 2017: Another try to manipulate me with sweet words, the intention: to cover the truth..already or still cheating/playing the "the women of honor" to somebody else...comes later

13. 10. 2016: next topics (brainstorming): , lawyer scam: generated a got-to-jail-scenario (picked up my fear from 2 days before) skype video, pocket-money-scam, her real sexual orientation...5.7 usa surprise...30.8 phils2016, HIV-test (nurse), met her "niece". moving to her "relative" (a third simultaneous partnership) in Pennsylvania, New Jersey (257 Kenny Dr,), disappearing for month then indirect request for money..... Fly to Asia, Try for a Money scam from Emely (School fee which does not exist for a niece who does not exist, proofed in an indirect way by her own daughter)), skype August 2016, the fb lie about her relatives, the lie about a "relative" as a women beater, 2016/17 her christmas pics, Feb 2017 another try to manipulate me with sweet words to cover the truth...

13. 10. 2017: ....

14. 02. 2017: ....

NEWS, 20.07.2017: Mr. "Stone", Emelys' 2. husband, the man in blue: I know you are reading this sometimes. I got a question and make an assumption based on Emelys' misleading pattern. As "what" Emely introduced to you the women in orange (on the "pasta"-picture)? As her aunt or her nanny, right? I asume you did not know before you have been married Emely - and also not at this very moment- what kind of relationship they rellay got while she is sitting next to you. #conservative soldier #multigamer #leecher #marriage cheater

Next topic (brainstorming): psychogram, workout the selfish attitude, my time, money, feeling, family, marriage with hiding, character...good mother? ( unprotect, teaching antisocial values, marriage with hiding) last century, sexsism, prostitution, Her proposal expectation by hiding children & former marriages (in Germany almost criminal, got it with her own work (nurse, cashier) big mouth based on what? mother-being (responsibility) can be canceled instantly. Why? Cause it is disrespectful to the children & partner, the law does not see real Love as a reason for such a marriage) acting of a responsibly mother, especially with a small child, focus on her own person and not on the children or others, teaching doubtful values (cheating, lying, egosim, money as a value in a relationship) try to set a young child in a marriage built out of lies...Unprotected sex as a mother of a small child..real men do not beat or buy girls, but u get what you seed: material... it is a mess, without a structure...

To do: To obtain a residence permit via sham marriage
(USA & Germany) Kahului, second layer with unfalsifiable evidences ( original emal-hader, meta-information of pics, handwriting, video records, etc..) post the site from FB, Instagram, Twitter...

I got almost all red flags (sick mother, school fee..) Thanks for making that video. :)

Real Love

"When you truly love someone.. the last thing you want to do is hurt them.. if your lies and secrets are more important... it's not real love."

Nietzsche Emily Tomas Queens

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