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Emily Tomas Brodheadsville, Stroudsburg, New York

Hey guys,
I am Emely, 45 years old, mother of 6 children and have been married 3 times.... Actually i am already Grandmother, cause my daughters also very prolific - like me.

I am searching desperately for a new husband. I did everything for it the last few years, but nothing helped.. I even made lot of advertisements on dating sites as a Single and hide my children and previous marriages to increase my chances and range.

I measure people and also my own identity by what they got (material things). I am very thankful to my ex-husbands that they made me to someone...that i got what i got. That the people look up to me - at least the superficial souls.

So if you want to be one of my honey(s) for a while, spoil me and my expensive children with materal things. No money, no honey..thats our family-slogan. ;)

Be careful if you meet other Filippina. Lot of Filippina got family (bf & children) and play single without children to leech money with heartbreaking lies.
Here the top-lies: 1. My nieces need money to go to school 2. My lawyer needs money to fix my residency permit 3. The wife of my brother died and he needs money for ....4. My mother had an accident and can not pay the hospital bill.....

Me & my 2. daughter Demie Ann...we are a good team, she plays the niece for me in our game... Here i teach her to lie and laugh at the same time into the face of someone... she is already a great liar as well.

Real scammer
Real Love

"When you truly love someone.. the last thing you want to do is hurt them.. if your lies and secrets are more important... it's not real love."

"Man and woman need not be opposites, but gradations, their temperaments must be akin to their ideals."
Quote: unknown

"Go through the world together is more beautiful than being alone. And to give the floor is probably the most beautiful thing in life."
Quote: Emily Tomas, Queens

"Experience teaches us that love is not to look at each other, but to look together in the same direction."
Quote: Unknown

"What is done out of love is always beyond good and evil."
Quote: Friedrich Nietzsche

"She has nothing and you, Nevertheless, as I see, To the bond of holy marriage Your hands.

Children, are you with your senses? Think about the chapter! Without the proper means One should not start a war."
Quote: Wilhelm Busch & Emily Tomas

Nietzsche Emily Tomas Queens

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