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Emily Tomas Brodheadsville, Blairstown, New York

The internet is full of cheater, leecher, gamer & romance scammer - especially from Third World Countries like Philippines. Normally it should be easy to detect them, but some are smarter and hide their real intention (money) until they think you are "hooked".

I also have been a victim of a perfidious female romance scammer (Emely Tomas) i would like introduce here; i have not lost so much money (round about 15K $) like other victims of her, but i lost life time (5 years) and without a women of honor (a close relative from her) who opened my eyes I maybe still would stuck in that romance scam of the family Tomas.

I am not doing this project out of hate or as a kind of revenge. It is my obligation as a humanist to protect other potential victims. They deserve the truth from beginning like i did - to make their own decision without any manipulation.

If I infringe the personal rights of any person in word or picture he or she should not hesitate to contact me and i will make it indecipherable...

The chronicle of a multigamer, liar & scammer (2012 - 2017)

20.07.2012: Emely Tomas introduced herself on different dating sites as a Single, living in New York, without any children or former marriages and searching for a husband.

I worked for one of theses dating sites and had a dummy account there and so we came in contact. A "romance" started. When she was in USA with sporadic short emails, when she was in Philippines with longer emails, calls and passionate video calls.

video scam

13. 09. 2012: Her faked biography..The original follows

24. 10. 2012 - 28.02.2013: video scam

28.02.2013: Then suddenly she disappeared (to USA) for months - without a reason or saying a word as normal people with respect would do it. She seemed to be very busy.

Today i know the reason why she cutted temporarily any communication. Cause she had at least three partnerships at the same time and wanted to avoid that all men know about each other. "Perhaps" they would not agree with a multiplayer.

11. 07. 2013: video scam

01. 08. 2013: After i have not heard from her for so many months i mentioned my doubt about her seriousness via email- again just email, cause she made it impossible to go in personal contact. She answered very short and stopped again any communication.

video scam

11. 08. 2013:
Today i know why she answered so short. She was together with one of her other partner. Maybe he was still sleeping (7:00 am) and she just had a short time window "to keep me warm" via email.

video scam

21. 08. 2013:
After i have not heard from her for 3 weeks i thought perhaps she has forgotten the email-address so I wrote her a letter to Philippines.

31. 08. 2013:
I became an answer with sweet words, but no word about the abstinence like serious people would do.

video scam

20. 09. 2013: love -email from Philippines The original follows

25. 09. 2013: Then suddenly the communication totally broke up. Again without a word or reason. the last email from her: love -email from Philippines The original follows

14. 01. 2014: Today i know the reason: She was again in USA and was very busy with sightseeing.

video scam

13. 10. 2016: skype video

13. 10. 2016: next topics: skype video, nieces &nepheus, meeting on Philippines, Demie Ann Rolly supports her lies, moving to her "relative" (a third simultaneous partnership) in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, disappearing for month, then request for money...Fly to Asia, Money scam from Demie & Emely, skype August 2016, her house of lies collapsed, the fb lie about her relatives, the lie about a "relative" as a women beater, 2016/17 her christmas pics, Feb 2017 another try to manipulate me with sweet words to cover the truth...

13. 10. 2017: ....

14. 02. 2017: ....
Hey guys,
I am Emely, 45 years old, mother of 6 children and have been married 3 times.... Actually i am already Grandmother, cause my daughters also very prolific - like me.

I am searching desperately for a new husband. I did everything for it the last few years, but nothing helped.. I even made lot of advertisements on dating sites as a Single and hide my children and previous marriages to increase my chances and range.

I measure people and also my own identity by what they got (material things). I am very thankful to my ex-husbands that they made me to someone...that i got what i got. That the people look up to me - at least the superficial souls.

So if you want to be one of my honey(s) for a while, spoil me and my expensive children with materal things. No money, no honey..thats our family-slogan. ;)

Be careful if you meet other Filippina. Lot of Filippina got family (bf & children) and play single without children to leech money with heartbreaking lies.
Here the top-lies: 1. My nieces need money to go to school 2. My lawyer needs money to fix my residency permit 3. The wife of my brother died and he needs money for ....4. My mother had an accident and can not pay the hospital bill.....
Me & my 2. daughter Demie Ann...we are a good team, she plays the niece for me in our game... Here i teach her to lie and laugh at the same time into the face of someone... she is already a great liar as well.

Real scammer
My Work by ShopRite (Kinsleys):
Here i am cleaning & sometimes they allow & trust me the cash. ;)

PS: And hey guys, if you are interested in me do not hesitate to contact me or my colleagues, but please make it discreet, my current US-relationship should not know about it.
cleaning ShopRite (Kinsleys) 107 Kinsley Drive, Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania 18322, USA
Real Love

"When you truly love someone.. the last thing you want to do is hurt them.. if your lies and secrets are more important... it's not real love."

"Man and woman need not be opposites, but gradations, their temperaments must be akin to their ideals."
Quote: unknown

"Go through the world together is more beautiful than being alone. And to give the floor is probably the most beautiful thing in life."
Quote: Emily Tomas, Queens

"Experience teaches us that love is not to look at each other, but to look together in the same direction."
Quote: Unknown

"What is done out of love is always beyond good and evil."
Quote: Friedrich Nietzsche

"She has nothing and you, Nevertheless, as I see, To the bond of holy marriage Your hands.

Children, are you with your senses? Think about the chapter! Without the proper means One should not start a war."
Quote: Wilhelm Busch & Emily Tomas

Nietzsche Emily Tomas Queens

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