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Demie Rose Tomas Leong

My other daughter i also call her niece, just for fun, we are really a funny family. Sometimes we can not even fall asleep for laughing. ;)

"The so-called romantic of a region is a quiet feeling of the sublime under the form of the past."
Quote: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"One of them must be a realist, so that the corresponding financial framework ensures the romanticism of the other in the long run."
Quote: Elmar Kupke

"Perhaps romanticism is at first a meaningless endeavor, which is justified by the knowledge of its memories."
Quote: Demie Rose Tomas Leong

"In the beginning belong all thoughts of love. Later all love belongs to the thought."
Quote: Albert Einstein, Ilocos Norte Piddig

"If you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."
Quote: Friedrich Nietzsche

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