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Mico Tomas, Pennsylvania

The youngest (4 years old) of my children, born in Hawai and living with me in Pennsylvania. I always call him nephew, just for fun. ;)

"The great secret of making the human soul perfect through practice consists solely in the fact that one receives it with a constant effort to arrive at the truth by means of reflection. The driving forces for this are ambition and revival."
Quote: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing & Mico Tomas, Pennsylvania

"There must be no truth at all, or it must be of the nature that it can be felt at least essentially by most, indeed by all."
Quote: Unknown Pennsylvania

"Life is worth living, says art, the most beautiful seductress; Life is worth to be recognized, says science."
Quote: Friedrich Nietzsche

"You should not commit stupidity twice, the selection is finally big enough."
Quote: Albert Einstein

"The sensitive person does not suffer from this or that reason, but solely because nothing can satisfy his desire in this world."
Quote: Jean-Paul Sartre

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