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Rolly Tomas, Manila

100 $ Reward
Who knows the contact datas of this man?
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Philippines Binan reward
My brother Rolly: In the same way like me he loves carspotting, therefore he gets up very early in the morning that he does not miss any vehicle. His revier is the inner city of manila, Makati, but China town as well.

"A friend : A person we know well enough to borrow from him, but we do not know enough to lend him money or pay back."
Quote: Rolly Tomas

"A part of the 10 million I spent on gambling, a part for alcohol and a part for women. The rest I spent pointlessly."
Quote: George Raft

"I wish my dear Karl would have spent more time accumulating capital instead of just writing about it."
Quote: Jenny Marx (Wife of Karl Marx)

"When a person with money meets a person with experience, the experienced person takes money with and the rich person experience."
Quote: Harvey MacKay

"You can not buy love, but you can pay heavily for it."
Quote: Michael Pritchard

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