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How to identify a scammer?

Suspect you may be dealing with a romance scammer? All scammer - does not matter how smart they are - got a common pattern which they debunk.

Not all following single signs are equally alerting and not all of them necessarily mean scam, but it is the sum of signs, if he/she generally fits the pattern, it is most likely a scam!

Honesty: Note! A serious loving person would never lie. A scammer has to lie for lot of reasons. To serve as many victims as possible and most of all to hide the real intentions.

Ignorance: Scammer don't like to answer personal questions about themselves and tend to ignore questions. A serious person would appreciate personal questions.

Inconsistency: If you catch scammer/liar on an inconsistency they will claim a friend, a hacker or relative must've been using their account to chat/mail with you, they will always try to come up with a coverup and of course, you are always wrong or mistaken.

Some scammer become verbally abusive and even start to insult on a very low level if you confront them with their lies.
Note! A serious person would clarify and NEVER offend or insult anyone for demanding sincerity.

Discrepancy (Words and actions): Scammer & gamer are big-mouth-persons; they promise a lot but do not hold anything. Their typical phrases are "I will", "I would" & "I wanted". Words without corresponding acting.

The scam: Once they feel they have the victim hooked, they will come up with a reason why they need money. For example: "My business partner has stolen my money.", "My lawyer wants money from me otherwise i got to go into jail", "My mother had an accident, stays in hospital and can not pay the bills" or "My nieces can not continue the school if i do not pay the fee."

If you ask for details to support or offer to pay the debts directly to the creditor and you do not hear any answer then you know it was a fake-reason. There was neither an accident nor any school or any nieces.

Relation Of Topics: A scammer does not want to waste time with personal & interpersonal stuff. They just got in their mind: "How much money can i leech?" Although they try to hide this intention it is reflected by distinct attention for the topic "money".

Anonym Money Transfer: Actually everyone got one or more bank accounts, but scammer avoids money transfers via reputable banks. They prefer the anonymous way. Their first choice are banks like "Western Union" or "Money Gram".

Emely Thomas - cheater guide

Emely Tomas - scammer guide

Multiplayer Symptoms: Cheater want to give their victums the feeling that they are "the only one". Therfore they got to ensure that the victims do not know about each other. They canalize and control the communication totally. Especially when they play "at home" another relationship to someone.

  • Long Periods Of Absence:
  • Sometimes the scammer disappear for days, weeks or even months without saying a word and comes back without saying a word about the absence.
  • Anonym Money Transfer:
  • Also an offical money transfer via reputable banks could give the main relationship an insight into the "dark" business of the cheater.
  • Limited Communication Possibilities:
  • Cheater work with separate sim cards or mobiles to ensure that the main relationship gets no suspicion if the phone rings unexpectedly. In the same way it behaves with the address: An unexpected visit, letter or flowers from one of the victums would increase the risk that lies blows up in his/her face. E-mail communication is is actually the last method of choise, but not for the cheater cause temporal and local control is given with it.
  • Memory Weakness:
  • Multiplayer do not know what they have exactly told who. So if you often hear: "I have already mentioned it.." you know:
    A: that you deal with a multiplayer
    B: the person you deal with is afflicted with dementia
    Or C: you are afflicted with dementia

How to proof if i deal with a scammer?
If you want to be sure that you deal with a scammer/cheater help her/him out with money. But it should be an amount that does not hurt when you lose it. Mention explicitly that you lend this money. Wait few weeks or months and ask for repayment. A debtor of honor would suggest repayment rates, a schedule or any other perspective - it does not matter if it was a large or small amount.
A leecher/scammer would just ignore the request or even invent reasons to keep the money lawfully.

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